About the Transformers Program

Little things can make a big impact. At Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, we're looking to recognize individuals that are actively pushing to transform newly merged Houghton Mifflin and Harcourt School Publishers into a unified, successful company.

Trying out new processes, strengthening relationships, keeping projects moving despite setbacks, improving communication, and thinking creatively to solve a problem. Every little bit helps.

There will be monthly winners in one or more categories. Winners will receive a certificate, $25 American Express gift card, and recognition through a poster, company email, and this website.

Awards are peer-nominated and peer-selected.

Transformer Categories

Our five categories include Taking Risks, Building Bridges, Making Rescues, Breaking Barriers, and Thinking Outside.

Six-sided Dice

Taking Risks

Risk Takers step out of their comfort zone to accomplish a goal in a positive and fresh way. Sometimes risks aren't successful, but even then provide valuable insight toward a future solution.

Hard Hat

Building Bridges

A bridge is built to provide easier passage over an obstacle. Bridge Builders at HMH influence others positively, promote teamwork, and shape strong relationships.

Life Preserver Rescue R ing

Making Rescues

A Rescuer is a person who, even when faced with a difficult challenge, uses teamwork and problem-solving to keep efforts afloat and finish projects without conflict.

Sledge Hammer

Breaking Barriers

Barrier Breakers build relationships despite boundaries, physical or otherwise, between departments or campuses to create a more unified company.

Open Cardboard Box

Thinking Outside

Thinking outside the box is a familiar phrase, meaning to think from a new perspective. Thinking creatively about future products and processes helps to strengthen our company.

Nomination Process

You will be nominated by fellow employees who have noticed your drive to make our two companies work as one. All nominations are reviewed and selected by a divers group of volunteers among your peers.

Use the form below, or download a printable form and submit to Joanne Sims in the Human Resource office. Don't wait, nominate a co-worker who deserves this recognition today!

Nomination Form

About You

About the Person You're Nominating

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will winners be selected for each category?

A winner will only be selected if a deserving nomination is submitted. Submissions will be reviewed and selected monthly for any category.

What does the winner receive?

Winners will receive:

  • Transformers certificate signed by HMH's President
  • $25 American Express gift card
  • Recognition through posters, a company email announcement, and a post on this webpage
How do I nominate a co-worker?

Fill out the online form, or download printable form and return it to Joanne Sims in the Human Resources office. Located on the first floor near the elevators.

Will I know who nominated me?

We have left the Nominator section as optional. If that section is filled out, we will contact the Nominator to ask further questions, and if they would like to be anonymous. If the Nominator approves, we will disclose their identity to you. Otherwise, we will not. This option is to encourage potential Nominators to make nominations.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact Joanne Sims at x3578 or at jsims@hmhpublishers.com for more information.

Transformers Award Winners

Here are posts featuring most recent award recipients. Remember to nominate a deserving co-worker today!

Hard Hat

Building Bridges

Announced on

Jim Belushi

Orlando Manufacturing, Bridge Builder

Winner Jim Belushi

A bridge is built to provide easier passage over an obstacle. Bridge building at HMH includes influencing others positively, promoting teamwork, and shaping strong relationships. The bridge Jim Belushi built is invaluable. He inspired offices in different locations to work as a team by suggesting regular meetings, to discuss hold ups. Over time, manufacturing processes will be more efficient and less costly. What he did was extraordinary. Thanks, Jim.

Life Preserver Rescue R ing

Making Rescues

Announced on

Sarah Gellar

Orlando Production, Rescuer

Winner Sarah Gellar

A rescuer is a person that uses teamwork and problem-solving to keep efforts afloat and get projects done without conflict. The teamwork Sarah Gellar has shown at HMH is invaluable. She worked overtime to ensure the print date was met after last minute page changes. She saved a large amount of costs at the printer. What she did was extraordinary. Thanks, Sarah.